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Bethel Atlanta Launches Bethel Health Ministry in Tyrone, GA

It began with one man and a vision God birthed in his heart at 19-years old. “It really began for my heart to see,” Justin Stockman, leader of Bethel Health, told Atlanta Christian Voice. “These dreams have been happening for many, many years from me and the [Bethel Atlanta] team. That started years ago when we would dream about a place, where people could come and spend sessions and one day at a time, just to seek the Lord in a place where there is spiritual activity.”

 “It really began for my heart to see,” Justin Stockman, leader of Bethel Health, told Atlanta Christian Voice. “These dreams have been happening for many, many years from me and the [Bethel Atlanta] team.”

This is how Bethel Health, a new ministry of Bethel Atlanta, recently opened to the public, with its focus on health as Christians and non-Christians grow in their walk with the Lord in Jesus Christ.

The focus of Bethel Health is to grow in health in the following areas: body, soul, and spirit. It offers the following services to Christians and non-Christians in order to empower them in their walk with Jesus: the Health Center, counseling, coaching, sozo, health groups and classes, and preparing for marriage counseling.

According to, Sozo is a unique inner healing and deliverance ministry that aims to get to the root of things hindering your personal connection with God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. The word is Greek and means when translated, “saved, healed, delivered.”

“God has intended for us to have connections and not just a natural sense,” Stockman told Atlanta Christian Voice. “There is nothing more beautiful or pure than the Gospel and in having a place, where people can rest and connect it to the mind, body, soul and spirit, and health and take some time to be with the Lord.”

Bethel Health is located on 100-acres of land in Tyrone, Georgia. The land itself has brought about miracles of inner and outer healing of Jesus Christ in Bethel Health clients as they experience transformation from the Gospel in their daily lives, Stockman told Atlanta Christian Voice.

The services that Bethel Health has to offer have brought about many testimonies in Bethel Health clients, ranging from pastors to missionaries to regular church goers.

Missionary of East Africa, Grant Garner, has a testimony to tell of the goodness of how Jesus brought about breakthroughs in his mental and physical health, from receiving counseling of Bethel Health.

“I’ve received counseling through Bethel Atlanta off and on since January 2015,” Garner stated in a testimony to Bethel Atlanta. “This spans time in which I have been a public school teacher and more recently a full-time minister sharing the Good News in East Africa and the Persian Gulf. Challenges have come such as unruly students, difficult parents, culture shock, loneliness, rejection, medical problems, dysfunctional co-workers, and being stretched my physical and mental limits. During that time, nothing has contributed to my emotional health as powerfully as the counseling I have received. I have been able not just to survive, but also thrive, and offer emotional counsel to my teammates around me.”

Two of the most exciting aspects of Bethel Health that Stockman is excited about is community and that Christians are living out the Gospel of Jesus Christ daily just from walking on the 100 acres of Bethel Health land.

“People are able to walk off of this land and they come with a marriage dependency or a strayed relationship, where they get fruit just by stepping on this place,” Stockman said.

“The Bible talks so much about community of heaven and how the Kingdom of Heaven is a place and a community, where people love Jesus,” Stockman said. “People are able to walk off of this land and they come with a marriage dependency or a strayed relationship, where they get fruit just by stepping on this place. It’s what we’ve prayed for in our community for years.”

It brings Stockman joy to see Christians growing in their walk with the Lord daily from these services Bethel Health offers.

“Christians really are happy and at peace,” Stockman said. “Christians really are living [the Gospel] in their everyday lives. Not just on Saturdays or Sundays, or not just at a Christian event or concert, but just everyday with the goodness and power of God.”

To find out more about Bethel Atlanta and Bethel Health or read testimonies of Bethel Atlanta clients, follow them on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

Bethel Health totals 100 acres of land in Tyrone, Ga.

Article first appeared in Atlanta Christian Voice

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